Keeley Modded Ibanez TS-9DX Flexi 4x2
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소비자가 : 438,000
제조사 : Keeley
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eeley Modded

Ibanez TS-9DX Flexi 4x2



* Keeley Modded Pedal 시리즈는 Boss/Ibanez/Vox/Dunlop 등등의 페달을 기반으로 모디파이된 제품이며, 따라서 페달의 원산지가 미국이 아니라 일본,혹은 대만 등지인 경우가 대부분이라 한-미 FTA로 인한 관세면제가 적용되지 않는 제품입니다. 구매대행을 하셔도 마찬가지로 관세와 부가세를 지불하셔야 하며, 이를 감안하고 구매대행가와 비교해 보시면 저희의 인하된 가격이 구매대행가보다 싸다는 것을 아실 수 있을 것입니다!



This is an inspired tone machine! Used by the pros Vai and Petrucci! Current wait time is 2 weeks +/- The snow storms and road conditions have closed the shop too many days, we are very sorry about that.

If you've been waiting for the right TUBE SCREAMER, Keeley Electronics offers the latest mod for the TS9 DX! Want to have the sound and tone of the guitar gods!?!


A slightly altered version of our famous Mod Plus, with True-Bypass and a Gain/Treble boost toggle switch! Combine the 4-way rotary 밫urbo� switch with the toggle and you get 8 different sounds without even having to turn the other knobs! How뭩 that for Flexi-bility?

Steve Vai has taken this on the road and is using two of them. Check out the picture below from a customer that was at the Nashville show!

Dan Spitz of ANTHRAX has found the right Hair for his Distortion, read below!

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   Keeley Modded Ibanez TS-9DX Flexi 4x2

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