Subdecay Quasar Deluxe Phase Machine
판매가 : 368,000원
소비자가 : 438,000
제조사 : Sub Decay
수량 :

The Quasar DLX is a full featured analog phaser. The possibilities range from classic “on the slow parts” – to thick watery vibrato – to all out mad science craziness.

The all new Quasar DLX, designed from the ground up. The possibilities are endless with eleven LFO shapes, and the ability to control them with either tap tempo, or manually. When controlled manually the speed/ratio knob has two ranges. A normal range, and a high speed range accessed by turning the knob all the way to the right. As the knob is turned back to the left it goes faster and faster and faster…

The mix control goes to 100% for pitch vibrato tones that most phasers simply don’t allow. Voice control allows both positive and negative regeneration.

Choose the sinewave LFO and a speed and turn all other knobs to the center for some classy swoosh. Turn on all 8 stages and turn on a fuzz and you’ll swear you are standing at the end of a runway. Or turn up the speed and plug in an expression pedal for some crazy ring mod madness.

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   Subdecay Quasar Deluxe Phase Machine

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