Keeley Modded Boss BD-2 Freak Fuzz
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Keeley Modded Boss BD-2 Freak Fuzz



Robert Keeley's Freak Fuzz mod of the Boss BD-2 distortion pedal delivers slight assymetrical clipping for musical, second-order harmonic distortion. At very high saturation levels it almost achieves an octave-type effect.

The Freak Fuzz BD-2 includes Keeley's signature Phat switch, which gives your sound a mild shot of low end to the low E and A strings of your guitar. Silver mica capacitors in this mod reduce noise levels below what the stock BD-2 puts out. The Freak Fuzz BD-2 also has a Square Wave switch that cuts out some filtering and allows more of its glorious fuzz tones shine through.

Every component Keeley adds to the BD-2 Freak Fuzz is of the highest quality. The parts added will increase the warmth of the pedal and add tremendous response to your playing. Film capacitors are used in the tone section to provide the smoothest midrange and highs while increasing the bass response of the pedal.

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   Keeley Modded Boss BD-2 Freak Fuzz

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