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Tapestry Audio Bloomery Volume Pedal - Passive Black
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소비자가 : 348,000
제조사 : Tapestry Audio
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Product Description:

기존의 볼륨페달과는 다른 유니크한 디자인의 볼륨페달, Tapestry AudioBloomery Volume Pedal 이 입고 되었습니다. 미국 플로리다 주의 Sarasota, FL 철강에서 제작된 2.7lbs(1.2kg)의 강력하고 견고한 Heavy Solid Steel은 어떤 투어에서도 버틸 수 있는 내구성을 가지고 있습니다. 또한, 6 cm x 20 cm의 미니사이즈로 면적은 작아졌지만, 풋 컨트롤의 편안함은 잃지 않았습니다. 불안한 내구성의 끈방식을 피하였으며, 부드러운 볼륨 커브감과 함께 와이드한 레인지의 풋 컨트롤 구간을 가지고 있습니다. 세련되고 모던한 디자인과 함께 작은 미니사이즈로 페달보드의 실용적인 공간 구성력과 견고한 내구성을 갖춘 The Bloomery Volume PedalActive / Passive 두가지 버전이 준비되어 있으며, 각 버전별 특징은 다음과 같습니다.

- No string
- Tuner out
- Solid steel construction
- Dual buffer (no tone suck)
- 20mA Center Negative 9v power (standard)
- Optional grip tape included

- No string
- Tuner out
- Solid steel construction
- Optional grip tape included
- Configurable tuner out to expression output

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What is the difference between “Active” and “Passive”?

The active Bloomery contains 2 buffer circuits that keep your guitar tone pure and prevents tone loss of the high end frequencies. The reason it is called active is because the version requires a standard 9v center negative power supply to be used and cannot function without power.

The passive Bloomery uses passive electronics to function and therefore does not require any power to operate. Because of the nature of a passive circuit, some high end frequencies can be lost, but not significant amount. The tone loss can be compared to standard passive volume pedals such as the Ernie Ball VP. Unlike the active model, the passive Bloomery is also able to convert the tuner output into an expression output. This can be done with the internal DIP switches which can be accessed on the side of the Bloomery. The ability to convert the passive model into an expression is not meant to be "switched on" in a live setting, but must be configured to be used as an expression or volume pedal before using. By default, the passive Bloomery is shipped as a volume pedal.

I am interested in the Bloomery Passive VP for expression pedal purposes. In terms of setup, would it require 2x TS cables connected into the VP (input & Tuner jacks) or can 1x TRS cable only through the Tuner jack be used?

Only one TRS 1/4" through the tuner output is required when in EXP mode.

Does the active version of the Bloomery allow you to configure it as an expression pedal (or does that feature only work with the passive version)?

The active version of the Bloomery cannot be configured to be an expression unless you use an insert cable through the input and output. (2 mono TS to 1 TRS)

What pedals are compatible with the Bloomery?

Any pedal using a TS 1/4" instrument cable will be compatible with the Bloomery. The Bloomery runs in line with your effects chain and is very simple to implement into your current pedalboard setup.

Is the Bloomery VP center negative?

The passive Bloomery does not require any power to operate. The active Bloomery requires a standard 9v 2.1mm center negative power supply (like most Boss pedals) and draws around 20mA.

What is the impedance of the Bloomery VP?

Both the active and passive models of the Bloomery use a 250k ohm potentiometer.